Wakeland Chiropractic 

and Massage  

Patient Reviews:

"I am really pleased with Dr Robert and Dr Jean they really make sure you get the right care I injured my back at work and they have helped me with stretches and techniques in getting me back to work I am so thankful for everything they do.  Mary thank you for the massage as well your. Amazing"

-Brittany Navarro

"Love Dr. Jean and Mary the massage therapist! Always feel so much better after I see them!"

-Bridget Stueve

"Even though it is a long drive, it is worth the drive for me. Doctor Bob helps me feel better. Thank you."    -Dee Dee Finley Zellner

"No words to truly describe the amazing treatment you will receive from Dr Bob and Dr Jean. They are thorough, precise and listen.. they give you all the time you need. I have been seeing them for over 10 years and they are always consistent with the amazing treatment they provide for their patients."

-Sarah Butler